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Church and office, parsonage RIGHT next door. Youth office and kitchen downstairs, four offices upstairs.

Two lines in church, and one at the parsonage.

Would like to have a basic system to handle/route calls, with voice mail boxes, on hold music, etc.

Looking to buy from ebay, and older QUALITY technology is fine. I can handle the install myself, and I have a friend in the business if I get stuck.

Any suggestions, tips and info is greatly appreciated.

I am understanding by what I have surfed and learned today that I need a PBX box, either with VM built in OR as an addon module. Would like to be able to input on hold music/custom messages that I can create. Also I need a phone that I can use as a programming station, and then however many extension phones we need. As the church is small I can't see using more than the three lines they pay for now and 8-10 extension phones max. We could use 6 including base phone now.

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I would look to a couple of systems, either a Panasonic KXT series or an Avaya Partner. Both ot hese systems allow single line sets which is good for the Parish hall. Now you hang a $20 wall phone with restrictions so the kids aren't using office phones to call home.

In Panasonic, it's probably better to look at new than immerse yourself in the 30810/61610/TD/and TA family. A new TA-824 with voice mail might cost about $2500 with phones, but you know that you're getting a current version of the software. In Avaya, a Partner Endeavor (308) will probably come in at the same amount with phones a voice mail, but again, you'll know what you're starting with.

I mention the Pana and Avaya systems because the phones you bought 20 years ago, with a couple of exceptions, will still work on the cabinet you buy today....a pretty good deal.

If you absolutely have to go eBaying, try to get a Comdial DX-80, a late model Comdial Impact, possibly an NEC DS-1000/2000, or a Tadiran.

I'd avoid a Vodavi Starplus and STS (they never know what they're selling and repair comes from one company in Arizona), any TIE/Nitsuko system, any BizFon or PBX like sytem. If you get a Nortel cheaply, it might be O.K., but you'll spend a fortune (probably what you pay for the KSU and phones or more) in Voice Mail. Most of these systems will have VM issues or have a reasonably priced/included voice mail but be hard to operate with single line sets.

Carl Navarro

Music on hold can be as simple as a CD player with a custom or locally produced CD, or as deluxe as you want. I use the Nel Tech labs Messager or the Intellitouch OH-6000 product. Both are less than $200 and give you the flexibility to progarm it from the USB port of a computer.

Carl Navarro

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Carl Navarro

If you have a friend in the business, try to get something he is familiar with.

I prefer Panasonic systems, but if you want to be able to read manuals to do it yourself, then Avaya Partner systems have much better manuals (I plan to be putting some Avaya systems on ebay myself soon- maybe we could work something out.)

The newer Panasonic KX TA824 actually has usable pc software for programming, but don't be fooled by the "internal voicemail card" option, it is really not a full voicemail at all.


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