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Hello all, I'm an IT guy working for a mid-size company. I got to admit that I don't know much about telecommunication stuff. My company is using a NEC NEAX 2000 phone system, and my assignment is to write a phone accounting software package... So I contacted NEC and get their SMDR data format spec... Wrote the program... Now the software is complete and in beta testing... The only thing that I found not working right is the station number in the SMDR record not matching the actual extension number. For example, a station number 110 in SMDR data is actually mapped to phone extension number 119, while the station # 119 mapped to another extension, say 130, and so on. They don't seem to follow any patterns. My questions are, what exactly does the station # stand for? Is it different from the actual phone extension number? If so, how are they related together? When a new phone is added to the system, is there any way to assign the station number and/or extension number to that new phone? (Or how do new phones get added to the system?) If I can find the relationship between station number & extension number then I can modify the program to use extension number instead of station number. Thank you for any inputs. VHD.

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That is an interesting behavior that I've not seen before. I've worked with a couple NEC NEAX 2000s to watch the SMDR and the station was always the extension. Nearly all switch vendors seem to define the words station and extension to mean the same thing. A few prepend some data in the case where there are special dialing plans in place.

Your best bet is to talk with a switch technician about a specific switch that you are having problems with and ask what tables are involved and what the SMDR contains. Perhaps there is other informatino that you can use to resolve your problems.

Are you perhaps confused about which phone is indicated by the station field in the SMDR? Okay, I think I 'see' the problem. Normally an SMDR station indicates the originating phone in a call. You may also need to look at the accounting code (not sure of that name) to se what information the SMDR contains. For instance, many switches will change the SMDR.station to another value in certain circumstances. Consider a call to a phone that isn't answered and is autoforwarded to another phone that is picked up. There will be several SMDRs generated and only the first SMDR could have the originating phone.

The SMDR Specification for your switch may specify what the expected behavior should be.

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I know with the NEAX 7400, a programming option can configure the SMDR to output the "LEN" of the extension. LEN is the Line Equipment Number. It is like a "Port Number" of the device. Think of it like on a network, a switch has ports with numbers. But as you know the ports have nothing to do with the IP Address of the device on the end of it...

There may be a flag in the programming of the system to switch between LEN and Extension numbers on the SMDR. You can sometimes define a custom number to be outputted for a particular extension. i.e. in a rotary group for our Voice Mail server we made all the extensions configs in the hunt group output 302 as their SMDR extension. This was to reduce confusion as we had

40 ports on the VMS. With 302 being the "main" number called to it, but the extensions were between 200 and 239. So if the system dialled out it could be anything between 200 and 239, by making it 302 the accountant only had to remember one number.

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I hope you're not using an OAI application that assigns "logical" numbers, because that will cause exactly what you're seeing.

I recall that the NEAX 2000 has a massive number of SMDR settings, especialy in commands D000 and D0001. It can even output the NEAX2400 record format if needed. Basically you picked the wrong system to learn about SMDR - the Panasonic is much easier to deal with (among others).

I did a little googling, and found that NEC has a completely separate SMDR System Manual for the NEAX 2000 (now I remember!) - which of course is not available gratis. However, the NEAX 2000 command manual can be found at this site:

formatting link
A couple of additional reference links:

This site has an active NEC forum:

formatting link
SMDR formats (just to verify what you got is what you need): Trisys SMDR format page

Make sure what the Trisys page shows matches the "raw" SMDR output - if it doesn't probably one of the CMD000 or CMD001 settings are not at default. I haven't touched a 2000 in over ten years, so this is as far as I can go with this - try the Sundance Communications forum above (or try posting here again). Good luck!

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