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Your questions could probably be answered quickly in the NEAX user's listserve. Email me at relmore at utm dot edu and I'll give you details on how to join. I'm a 2400 user myself so I can't help you much on the little guy. We just replaced our 2400 IMS with an IPX a few months back because of the support issues. I wouldn't doubt it if the same was happening with your IVS.

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Roger Elmore
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Hope somebody can help.

Last November we purchased the NEAX 2000 IVS, this November our support contract expires and we have been forced to change support suppliers. We have been told by the new company that NEC will discountiue support for the IVS after the 31st of December and that we have to upgrade to the IPS.

Does anybody know...

1) When the IVS was stopped being made?

2) When the IPS and IVS were released?

3) Is the IVS really having it support withdrawn by NEC?

Many Thanks In Advanced

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