NEC Electra Elite IPK 192 FAX problem

3 weeks ago we cut over from SBC voice/data service to CBeyond and AIT(the voice provider and owner of the NEC box). CBeyond, better named BeyondME, and AIT are both clueless and pointing their fingers back @ each other.

All 3 fax machines were working fine until the cutover, but now none of them can send or receive more than 1 page before getting a transmission or line error and dropping the call.

HELP... I am desperate for any guidance. I am guessing it is a configuration setting in the NEC, but since I'm not a "voice" person I dont' know.

Thanks from a newbie to this group, Dave...

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Dave Rupp
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Dave, I am having the same problem!!! What was your solution?? Thanks, Robert

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