NEC Elite voicemail help

I've been helping a customer with an NEC Electra, and the NEC Elite voicemail.

Over the weekend, it seems a couple of people got locked out of their vm boxes, so I stopped by and tried to log in by pc but it was also locked out and asked for a password that was not needed last week. Nothing I tried would let me in.

The customer contacted their authorized NEC dealer who will try to get out soon to try to get into the system but it might take a few days, so I wonder if anyone might be familiar with NEC enough to know a way in.

Apparently the NEC has the same password for the admin box and the pc log in. So if someone hacked into the admin box and changed the password, it also will lock out the pc programming.

If anyone has any clues you could contact me off list.

thanks Charles

Charles Patterson Global Communications Tarrytown, NY

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For those who might be interested, we found the problem came from the "notorious" Phillipine hackers. I'm familiar with them in Panasonic systems but this was the first time I came across an NEC system that was hacked. NEC was able to retrieve the password and we got everything back to normal. We made sure the system is secured now though.


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Please elaborate. What's the story on these "Phillipine hackers?"


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Here's a basic summary- Because of the way international calling charges work, some countries can assign numbers that make extra profit for the owner of the number (sort of like a 900 number in the US).

These hackers (mainly from the Philippines) call in to voicemail systems in the US and try to program mailboxes so they will use "pager notification" or "cellphone notification" to force the system to dial out to their numbers in the Philippines (the numbers just have an automatic answering system that is designed to keep the calling system on the line as long as possible. They make a small profit from each call.

They often call on nights before a weekend, hoping that their hacks won't be discovered until Monday, but sometimes they keep going for quite a while.

Best protection methods: Good PASSWORDS on everything; block vm ports from dialing overseas; block outdialing if it is not needed.

Charles cp at cp77 dot com

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