Password Box wouldn't prompt when I click connect Help TT

I have a wireless networking using wpa2-psk encryption. Usually when I tried to connect to my wireless, The password box would prompt and ask me to enter my password when I click the connect button. Now the box wont show up anymore. It wouldn't ask me to enter my password when I click the connect button, and when I click connect, It will automatically try to connect and continued to fail.

Can anyone tell me what's wrong and how to get the password box to prompt again?

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sakuragi737 hath wroth:

Yeah, it's yet another stupid Windoze user interface glitch in Wireless Zero Config. It's caught me a few times when I have changed the WPA-PSK pass phrase on the router, but the client is too stupid to notice or all me to over-ride the saved previous password.

Go into the properties for the wireless connection and find your SSID in the list. Select properties and either enter the new password, or just delete the entire entry. When you then scan for available networks, it will show up again, and you can enter your password.

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