Mpower or Packet 8?

We currently have Mpower as a telephone service, but i've heard that packet 8 may be better. Any opinions on the two? Does packet 8 hook up to the computer?

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No. It's a box that plugs into a router or directly into the cable/dsl modem.

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Don't know about packet8, but mPower's billing system is simply absolutely HORRIBLE.

When we finally got our agreed to rate, the credit issued was so complicated, no one here could figure it out.

We paid off an early termination with an install at another location, and they still tried to collect early termination fees for a year, even tho the contract was up in a month.

They also post payments late, no matter when they get them, and tack on late fees.

At home, I still can't convince them that THEY failed to post a payment for my dsl even tho the check cleared. Now I have to go back, copy every check I've written them, and hope they finally fix it.

Not just screwed up billing at the office and my home, but a friend finally gave up after trying to resolve a billing issue for a year... and he had just 2 pots lines.

If you don't mind the constant aggrevation of screwed up bills and have the time to deal with it, the service is halfway decent, although you'd have better uptime with tin cans and string...


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