Merlin CTI Link

I have an Eicon Diva ISDN TA hooked up to a provisioned Merlin Legend r7.0 CTI Link. Merlin uses a digital MLX port (i.e. - a basic BRI telephone station) for its CTI Link. The Diva Line Check tests out successfully for Layer 1 and Layer 2 connectivity.

All I am trying to do is capture the incoming ANI to pass it off to a custom CRM application I have written. Both B channels show up as being down on the Diva status monitor. So I am thinking that Merlin must be passing the CTI data along the D channel, as opposed to one of the B channels.

Is there a D channel monitor that anyone is aware of that I can use to verify this assumption? I don't need all of the CTI call control and other advanced features of Avaya's CentreVu CTI package. All I need is to be able to sit on the CTI Link and parse the incoming ANI's. If anyone has a used licensed copy of the Merlin Magix PBX Driver for sale I will purchase this as an alternative of trying my own methods of grabbing the incoming ANI.

Anyone out there familiar with this area?

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