ip tcp header-compression passive

Router TK1 had the following configuration command added to interface Serial


Router(config-if)# ip tcp header-compression passive

Which two statements are true about the command entered in the display? (Choose two)

A. The router will compress all traffic.

B. The router will only compress outgoing TCP packets if incoming TCP packets on the same interface are compressed.

C. The router will accept incoming compressed TCP packets but will not compress any outgoing TCP packets.

D. The Layer 2 header will be compressed and therefore cannot be used for WAN switching networks such as Frame Relay.

E. The Layer 2 header will be left intact and therefore can be used for WAN switching networks such as Frame Relay.

F. For crossing point-to-point connections, the Layer 2 header will be encapsulated by another link layer such as LAPB.

I am sure abt B. Not sure if the other one is D or E

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Saad Ahmed
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My guess would be E, since TCP is a layer 4 protocol and it's header being compressed shouldn't affect the layer 2 header in which it's encapsulated.

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