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I have an old Merlin Legend system with MLX-10D handsets. After a while on certain extensions the MLX-10D handsets keys jam and the extension is rendered unoperational (except for picking up incoming calls). Did anyone ever ecnounter such a problem? Is it happening because of the handsets are old and crappy or is it because there is some problem in the wall wiring or PBX iteslef?

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Yep. The membrane contacts underneath the buttons have built up oxidation. There are only certain MLX sets that experience this issue. You can identify them by revision number, although I have long forgotten the details. You can open up the phone and clean the contacts with a pencil eraser, purchase just the flex board as a separate part, or replace the entire MLX set. The choice is up to you how dirty you want to get your hands. I personally just take the hit and replace the entire set.

For details on this known issue see

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This board is a great resource for Merlin support, as frequent posters include folks who used to directly work for AT&T, Lucent, Avaya, etc. or else have supported these product lines for years.

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