Karel MS 48 or Panasonic TD 1232


We are in need of new PBX system. After comparison we got two models.

  1. Karel MS 48 Hybrid system
  2. Panasonic TD 1232 Digital Supper Hybri dSystem.

Which system is better? Any suggestions?


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Both the products you have selected are stable think who can provide you better after sales services ? technicaly Panasonic is better product but it need AC in India.... where Karel dont need....


Aniruddha Joshi Vadodara Gujarat


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where are you located?

in the usa there are probably many more Panasonic dealers installers

we can install anyway in the us

if I can be of service please contact me at

I can be reached at

Hal Epstein Telenet Solutions- Solving Your Business Communication Needs snipped-for-privacy@telenetsolutions.com

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phone 415 671 0971

thanks Hal

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Hal at Telenet Solutions

Hey Hal,

Ya got any of those new TDA boxes?

I'm just happy to know that you are willing to sell to us all in the USA.

In your dreams.....

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Carl Navarro

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