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Our company is currently looking into a new phone system for our office. We have used a panasonic based system for several years and have been very satisfied. We are looking at phones from Avaya (Partner ACS), Vodavi (Starplus STS), and NEC (Aspire). I am wondering if anyone has any opinions about these systems such as user friendliness, manageability, etc. I have exhausted myself on reading the literature about the systems, both online and paper documents. I am now looking for those who may use or sell this equipment and give further information. Thank you in advance for your help...

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How many phone lines? We have some nice ones if you only need 4 phone lines.

Steve at SELLCOM

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SELLCOM Tech support

If you are very satisfied with the Panasonic, why do you want to change? A new Pana system would let you reuse the phones and add some features that you would find on some of the newer systems.

Carl Navarro

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