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I hope your recovery goes well. I have attempted to post several things from two different email servers, and they have bounced every time. We'll see if this makes it. Here are a few comments in case this makes it through.

There have been several posts about TCPA. I'm amazed that companies are still trying to do mass outgoing marketing calls. I have stopped answering my phone unless the caller ID is in my contact list. If it is indeed something important, I let them leave a voicemail. If a telemarketer/robocaller leaves a voicemail, it is forwarded to the FCC.

Telecom is not "horse and buggy." It is becoming more and more important every day. It's just that we have largely moved away from circuit switched voice to packet switched whatever (including voice and video). There's a lot of technology to discuss including packet routing techniques, transmission (fiber, etc.).

Telecom regulation is interesting. Why should Internet be treated differently than POTS? All should contribute to the USF. All should be regulated in the same manner. How is zero rating different from an 800 number? How does reciprocal compensation compare with charging for peering of Internet traffic? How does ISP ownership of media companies compare with the Bell Computer decisions (permitting Bell to sell communications, but not computer services)?

Lots of stuff to go in Telecom Digest!



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From: Bill Horne

snipped-for-privacy@remove-this.remove-this.telecom-digest.org> Subject: [telecom] New Direction For the Telecom Digest

> A few days ago, I fell and broke my wrist in several places. Today, I

was released from the hospital after a five-day stay and major surgery.

> The road ahead, I am told, will include about four months of mending,

physical therapy, and learning how to use a text-to-speech converter for writing on my computer. I might have to take another driver's exam to demonstrate proficiency at driving one-handed.

> Men plan, and God laughs: I was on track to make 2021 the first year

during which I published an issue of the digest every day. I wanted to have a banner year to look back on as I approach my 70th birthday next February, when I was planning on taking a slower pace with both my other activities and the Digest. That change must happen now.

> It's probably for the best: as cellular technology and the Internet have

become commodified, there's been a lot less interest in the nuts & bolts of the telephone network, and even less in its history. I think most telephone users have come to regard their phones as, at best, a business communications tool, an, at worst, as an electronic leash tying them to their employer 24/7/365.

> So it goes, and has gone before: the horseless carriage brought > pollution and a transportation monoculture that has saddled our > exurban workers with no other practical transportation choices, a cadre

of parts-swappers whose only real expertise is in gouging their customers at every turn, and confiscatory taxation. The

telecommunications industry, like the auto industry, will have to evolve

into something better if it is to survive, but I can't keep chronicling an industry that no longer serves the public.

> Suffice to say, I won't be the one-man-band creating almost all the

content in the Telecom Digest going forward. I'll remain as the

Moderator for now, but the content must, and should, come from the readers. > > -- > Bill Horne > > > ------------------------------ > > ********************************************* > > End of telecom Digest Sun, 19 Sep 2021 >
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