Some Troubles With Telecom Digest

On Sunday, Monday and part of Tuesday, there were some difficulties with the Telecom Digest re-director.

John Levine, a friend of many years of the Digest has since the start of the web back in 1994 served as 'webmaster' and been in charge of re-directing calls to the URL '

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'. One of his computers receives all incoming calls to the Digest web site, and points, or re-directs those calls to our REAL home, which is at
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John said the computer which does that job (not only for me, but apparently other web sites as well) crashed, went dead, and refused to answer any calls. I found out about this Sunday night, and notified John in email. The answer I got from John was that he is in Quebec all this week, but he wold get someone else to reboot the computer. Nothing happened all day Monday, but I was busy with some other work and did not notice it until late Monday night. I sent him a reminder request, and he responded early Tuesday saying the computer was apparently dead.

Again, I spent all day Tuesday doing flood relief work here in Independence and did not worry about the Digest. Now I get home this evening and note that the re-director is again working as it should. A note from John indicated that:

if you get this message then my band-aids worked.

So indeed, it seems they did work. *Thank you, John.* So as just a reminder to all of you, the _preferred_ address to reach the Digest is

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but in the event that address draws a blank (as in cannot find the page; or address does not resolve or some similar kind of stalling, then feel free to use the alternate address (and my real home) which is
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is a 'direct address' at MIT to reach me. All that happens with
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(or .com or .net) is that you are transparently re-routed over to and the telecom-archives directory therein. Please make a note of this in the event you get stalled again for some reason. And if you are on the mailing list for the Digest or read this through Usenet, you should also note that the Digest is published *almost* every day at least once or sometimes twice. In the event you do not receive your daily email or newsgroup messages from me, then please feel free to look at our website and see what is going on. Thanks.


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