Reloading a Cell Phone's Microprogram?

When I got my new cell phone I had to dial in a special code for the phone to download some microcode. I was told to do so periodically so as to get fresh updates.

I assume these downloads are protected from viruses and sabotage by dialed direct to the carrier. But is there any risk? Is there anything checking I as a lay consumer can do?

I've heard that there are malicious downloads out there. I use the phone for voice only, but given the insidious nature of computer malware*, perhaps some party could shoot some crap at me without me knowing it. Frankly, I know nothing of cell phone technology. (I didn't even know it had updatable microprgramming).

Suppose down the road I want to try to download music or some other advanced optional feature. How can I protect myself?


*I recall even back in BBS days a virus would mute the modem speaker, then dial a very expensive overseas country and do stuff, all without the computer user aware of it since the modem speaker was muted and most lay uers had no idea of background operations.
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