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Wireless Internet Access Provider dot Com Shows How To Convert Your Cell Phone Into a Wireless DSL Modem. We all have a cell phone or pocket pc. Many of us have an EVDO Wireless Internet Broadband equipped cell handset from Sprint or Verizon. But nobody seems to realize that their cell phone can easily double as a wireless internet cell modem.

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shows how to quickly convert your cell phone or pocket pc into a cellular modem for your Mac or Windows XP PC. The process does not require an engineering degree but will take about 60 minutes. Once the modifications are complete, switching from cell phone to EVDO wireless internet modem takes seconds each time.

Since there are hundreds of cell phone and pocket pc models available today.

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has enlisted the help of
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to isolate the modem drivers for the most popular cell phone handsets available today. The list is quite comprehensive although not unabridged.

Mobile office workers will find three key components to getting online with their laptop and cell phone. First a driver is needed to tell your computer that the cell phone is now a modem. Second, a modem emulator is needed to tell your cell phone that it is a modem as well. Then with the third component, a way to connect the two: bluetooth or a usb cable, all you need to do is create a new dial up connection shortcut from the network control panel.

The website also offers visitors a comprehensive internet access protocol comparison chart. It helps consumers understand the differences and compare wifi vs dsl vs cable vs t1 vs evdo vs wimax vs hsdpa vs ofdm. With all the new internet standards coming out, this list makes understanding your options simple. If you are specifically awaiting the arrival of wimax

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has global coverage maps.

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welcomes tech support questions and comments at their new open support forum:
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- where you can ask and answer the most pressing mobility questions.

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