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I'd like some help settling an arugment that has recently occured between friends. Seems that two friends were driving somewhere together and during the trip Passenger says "...my cell jostled during the ride and it autodialed M's number". This happened while Driver was telling Passenger some VERY personal stories. M picks up the phone and hears only voices, thinking it was a party line, she listened and eventually it dawned on her who the speaker was. Now some backup facts might be in order...M is also in the same tiff with Passenger...they haven't spoken in weeks and in fact, M has since moved and this call came in on her new number, which Passenger had never called before. Of course, the speaker phone must have also been turned on.

My question...is it possible for a cell phone to autodial someone from a contact list just by "jostling" the cell phone? Passenger says M's phone number is the second on the list...That means, while sitting quietly in the car, Passenger jostled around in her purse enough to tap her contact list, down two, dial, and open speaker phone...have I got that right? I don't know what brand cell she's using, but having had an exposed keypad cell myself, I must say this sort of sequence never happened to me.

Anyone got a good reason this could be an accident?


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Many phones support a "speed dial" feature where the first 9 contacts in the phonebook can be dialed by pressing and holding the appropriate numbered key. I'e made many unintentional calls to voicemail in this manner.

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Tom Stiller

It happens often enough that there's a term for it: A Pocket Call.

Every mobile phone I've owned for the past 8 years or so has allowed me to dial someone in my contact list by pressing and holding a digit. In the case of your story, press/hold the "2" will amost certainly dial M.

I even bet your phone does that. :)

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E. Lee Dickinson

Oh, also -- doubtful the speakerphone would have to be on for the conversation to be intelligible, especailly in an enclosed sound-proofed environment such as a car.

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E. Lee Dickinson

Yes. Based on speed-dial or even last number called.

This is among the many reasons to use the automatic key lock feature.

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....or use a flip phone. One of my former emplyees, who is also a good friend, would inadvertently call my cell about once a week, ususally while working on her sailboat. The exposed keypad would get bumped and I'd get the call. She replaced it with a flip and it never happened again.

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I used to get such a call every couple of months from the same aquaintance. I was the first entry in his phonebook and this happened when the phone was in his pocket without the keylock feature turned on. Listening in I could usually understand the conversations without handsfree beeing on. The microphone is usually quite sensitive.


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Markus Baertschi

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