Re: Wrong Time Shown in Vonage Caller ID

I have a 323 number with Vonage and my outbound caller ID shows as something completely different when calling an 800 number.

Maybe they're growing so fast they don't have the time to make it all work right.

I have a Vonage (Canada) VoIP number and I'm wondering if anyone else > is experiencing this problem. > I'm using an Aastra 392 (aka a Nortel Vista 392 screen phone) 2 line > phone. Line one is on Bell Canada in the 905-282-XXXX exchange. Line > 2 is Vonage Canada through the Linksys PSP2 adapter in the 416-628-XXXX > exchange. > The problem is that the phone with reset the display clock to conform > with the last Caller ID information available. Bell Canada is sending > the correct time (Eastern Daylight Time) on inbound calls, but Vonage > is sending Eastern Standard Time. So whenever I receive a call on > Vonage, my screen phone resets itself to EST, when we are currently in > EDT, and the clock is then 1 hour slow until the next call comes in on > Bell Canada to put it back into EDT. > Theoretically this problem will disappear when we go back to EST in > the fall, but is there a way to get Vonage to update their clock > before then? > Chris
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