Intermittent dropped caller id

A while back my caller id began intermittently not showing up.

I'm in Austin, Tx on AT&T/Bell lines.

I have 2 POTS lines. I have a number of phones which all display caller ID as well as a voice modem on each line for answering machine functionality.

Previous to the past year or so the caller ID worked 100%. I don't have any idea what happened to cause this problem.

My (DirectTV) satellite receivers are supposed to pick up caller ID and flash 'em on the TV screen. But this has never worked even when there was no intermittent problem.

When the caller ID is dropped, it's not showing private or anonymous, it's simply not there, as if I don't subscribe to it.

This happens about 50% of the time.

Can something in my house cause this? Or is it a Bell problem or what? Anything I can do?

I appreciate any advice.



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Mike M
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