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I have a need to have the ability to change the caller ID that is being sent by my PBX when you make a call. I have a call tree that is routed by area code and we need to be able to test it whne changes are being made. I have an Option 61 that was recently upgraded to Sucession 4.5. I have been told that there is a table in the PBX that I can use to be able to do this. We tried services that offer spoofing but none of them help because they cannot spoof to an 800 number.

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That would be the CLID table. Look at LD 15 for an explanation. As far as spoofing to an 800 number, you can't do it either. If you had a PRI to a toll carrier, you likely could send anything you want, and have it displayed. Calls to an 800, 877, etc. numbers are going to have to go out on a local carrier's trunk. You can send your billing number for the trunk group as CLID, or any number in the DID range assigned by the telco to the trunk group you're originating on. If you try to send a number (spoof) that's not assigned to you, the telco (again, only if it's a local carrier) will send your billing number in it's place.

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