Re: Why is VOIP Getting Hot Now?

> In my case it was $88 a month to Verizon vs. $27 a month to

>> Vonage. Big difference. It's the only thing that hasn't inflated in >> the last year or two. > Of course, Vonage does not have to pay for the local loop, so there's > some savings there. How much are you paying for "last mile" > connectivity (cable modem or DSL or whatever)? I'm currently paying > Verizon about $25 per month for local dialtone. I'm paying about $3 > per month in long distance to another company (about 5 cents per > minute, probably much of that is compensation to the terminating > carrier). I'm paying $70 per month to for DSL (6Mbps per > second AND they let me run my own servers). I pay $0 per month to >
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. I also pay about 1 or 2 cents a minute to > them for calls into the PSTN. SIP calls (within siphone, to FWD, > Google, etc.) are free. I use
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to get a POTS > number on SIP for free (though the number is in Washington). > There certainly are LOTS of options. > Harold

I'm annoyed with Vonage because they lock down the SIP box so it can only receive calls from Vonage. There's no real reason for Vonage even to be in the loop for an IP to IP call, but I guess they know that.

However, I think they're the only company where I can keep my local number, so I do.

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