Re: Why I Am Not Switching to Verizon

>> I am pissed off with my current ISP -- Time Warner Road Runner -- they

>> cut back on technicians and now I have to wait one week for >> appointment. I checked with Verizon DSL -- they they established new >> policy that email address must be alphanumeric. I can understand that >> in every company can sit very powerfull idiot that cannot comprehend >> that email address is very personal and people/companies want very >> specific name -- but it is a disgrace that in Verizon there is no even >> one smart person that could explain to this powerful idiot the meaning >> of email address. Anyway -- what other options with decent ISP we >> have in NYC? Any recommendations? > I've had Time Worthless for about 5 years now. I can count the major > down time on one hand and the tech has been out exactly once. And > you're pissed off at them for what reason? > Either you have a very shaky connection, or you need to learn to help > yourself. Tech support is stupid, but sometimes, they have the > answers to routing questions. My e-mail remains with my original ISP > and it's relayed through TW. My honey's email is relayed through our > ISP to her RR mailbox, so sometimes we need TS to get through the maze > when it burps. > Since you live in NYC, it's unlikely that there is only ONE ISP in > your area. Try Google, or wait, let us do the work for you. >
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> Carl

So true -- Cox for all its problems only failed twice on me in the past couple of years. The other outages were issues with my router which have since been rectified.

Now everything seems to be going fine. I have noticed that the Vonage provided Linksys RT31P2 tends to need rebooting every month or so. Since I don't have administrative access to it I can't update anything on it so I just have to live with it.

If I ever get the time I might just do away with it entirely and build my own SIP router.

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