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> I don't, however, think the moderation of a mailing list is property

>> that can be sold. I doubt you bought it from JSOL or have a deed of >> gift. I do believe you own the web site. If you sold the web site, it >> would make a mess not to include a transference of the moderation, so >> maybe it doesn't much matter. >> Perhaps you could get the Telephone Pioneers interested in taking over >> the operation. That would give it a pseudo immortality. TD is the >> Internet autobiography of telecom after all. > I'll be happy to take over the web site and the mailing list/newsgroup > moderation if Pat becomes unable to. That's essentially how I started > moderating I volunteered after Bill Pfeiffer > died. > Having said that, don't go anywhere soon, Pat, or I might have to > drive out to Kansas and give you a good swift kick in the pants. :) >> On the other hand, I would like to find someone who is willing and >> will commit to maintaining the Digest and newsgroup in the style I >> have established, take care of the archives, or improve on their >> filing, and in geneal work with the same zeal I have shown here. > Here I am. > Steve Sobol, Professional Geek 888-480-4638 PGP: 0xE3AE35ED > Company website:
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[TELECOM Digest Editor's Note: I will not be so bold as to say, "Why didn't God take me away after my brain aneurysm -- life has been pretty difficult physically for me since then -- but I sure wonder at times what _He_ (she, it, higher power)was thinking about by essentially dragging me back to life as a shell. I thought the latest heart attack would resolve it once and for all; it failed to do so also. Hmmmm ... PAT]
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