TELECOM Digest: Pat is in the Hospital

Mike Sandman reports that Telecom Digest moderator Pat Townson had a heart attack early Saturday morning (around 6AM). They took him to the local hospital, and then transferred him to a hospital in Oklahoma that's supposed to have the best heart department around there. At the moment he's in a critical care room with no phone, with luck he'll be moved to a regular room with a phone in the next day or two.

Readers who want to send him a get well card or note can send it to:

Pat Townson Jane Phillips Medical Center

3500 E Frank Phillips Blvd Bartlesville, OK 74006

Regards, John Levine, sometime Digest mailman

[TELECOM Digest Editor's Note: John is quite correct in this report from Mike Sandmsan. It was not known at first be to be a heart attack, but simply a shortness of breath, to the extent I was inhaling/exhaling about every two seconds quite rapidly. It was a bit earlier than mentioned above; more about 4 AM last Saturday morning. Which came first and brought on the other? I do not know; in my state of panic and if you have ever had extreme shortness of breath to the extent you were panicing and pleading for more air, then you know the the exper- ience. I do remember passing out while the EMTs were patiently working on. I recall the EMT supervisor, who is quite familiar with my friend Raymond (Raymond has occassional epileptic seizures) got a little annoyed with Raymond, when Raymond apparently started having a panic attack of his own, having said somehing like 'my god, look at how his face has turned all pasty and white (meaning myself) are you going to let him die right here?' EMT Supervisor says 'Raymond you better go sit down over there abd stay out of the way' ... with sort of a threatinging look on his face as Raymond (but I did not see it) apparently in his panic decided _he_ would take over; EMTs put a quick halt to that nonsense and continued pummping my chest, and doing their work. I remember that before I passed out, I gave Raymond the phone number for Mike Sandman, and my mother. PAT].
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