TELECOM Digest: Pat _was_ in the Hospital

The residents of Bartlesville, OK, a town of about 40,000 in the northeast corner of the state, have always been extremely fortunate to have a generous family like Frank and Jane Phillips living there. Major heirs in the Phillips' Petroleum business, while they were alive, they could not give it away fast enough. On a major street named for him (Frank Phillips Parkway) sits a major medical center named in honor of his wife. Their attitude was always, 'there is nothing we need right now', so why not give it to the city? The Jane Phillips Medical Center is a cluster of three or four different high-rise (ten to fifteen story buildings,) dealing with everything from heart desease through mental illness and whatever else. They take in broken people and turn out semi-well people. I think it is handled _officially_ by ECUSA -- the Episcopal Church in the United States . I know when I arrived there in my dilerium Saturday morning last, following some ex-rays and other stuff I was wheeled in my bed into the critcal care unit, where I slept in my groggy state until somerime mid-afternoon. Sometime around 5 PM Saturday, I was presented with some forms I was asked to sign, one of which stated that 'new developments in angioplasty/angiography allow us to move your blookd vessels/arteries around. ' The form went on to state that a 'stent' would be implanted (via my groin area if I permitted it) but woiuld do its work up around neck.) This 'programmable stent' would cure things for me.

Officially it refererred to the 'right ventrical (something) was totally blocked up and it showed new veins they proposed to install around my heart which they said would be held together by plastic cememt and that may be true or it maybe be just more hassle for me.

At any rate, today, Thursday, just abut a week after I had my heart attack, I was dismissed from Jane Phillips and I could return to my home. As to how well I feel, I am not quite suer I can answer that.

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