Re: TELECOM Digest: Pat is in the Hospital

Mike Sandman reports that Telecom Digest moderator Pat Townson had a

> heart attack early Saturday morning (around 6AM). They took him to the > local hospital, and then transferred him to a hospital in Oklahoma > that's supposed to have the best heart department around there. At > the moment he's in a critical care room with no phone, with luck he'll > be moved to a regular room with a phone in the next day or two. > Readers who want to send him a get well card or note can send it to: > Pat Townson > Jane Phillips Medical Center > 3500 E Frank Phillips Blvd > Bartlesville, OK 74006 > Regards, > John Levine, sometime Digest mailman

This is so sad ....

I wish him well along with a speedy recovery ...


[TEELECOM Digest Editor's Note: How _speedy_is speedy enough in your opinion? When I first came out of my delirium, I was laying completely naked on an examining table in ER Room 3 at Mercy Hospital, here in Independence. Staring at me were Doctors Empson and Watkins, two nurses and a couple of EMTs. Apparently some body movement of mine, or lack thereof had triggered some some signal in ER and brought them all running around. Watkins did not not just admit to shortness of breath: yes, he said, there was, but you also had a heart attack in the process. That explained the pefectly _evil, dreadful_ thoughts I had off and on during the time I was conscious, even if delirious.

There then followed a debate among them: I would have to be 'transported', they thought Jane Phillips was best; the one doctor said "if we airlift him it will take 15-20 minutes to get there by the time the chopper gets here fom Wichita (110 miles)" (Chopper is stationed many times when not in use at Independence, but on this night for whatever reason, it was in Wichita.) The decision reached was to transport me by ambulance 'since Jane Phillips is only 45 miles straight south of here.' EMT drivers say 'this time of night (5:30 AM) we will have him in Bartlesville by the time the chopper got here from Wichita' and in fact they did pull into Jane Phillips at about 5:55 A.M. PAT]

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