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> [TELECOM Digest Editor's Note: Fred, I may be missing something here,

>> but regards the redirection of your personal 800 number, why wouldn't >> you just do that yourself (to wherever you like) rather than pointing >> it at still another 800 number from Vonage, so you will now get twice >> the fees for your inbound calls? PAT] > You did miss something, PAT. > A personal (or business) 800 number can be pointed at whatever carrier > that will take it and route your call. My first personal 800 was > gotten for me by the folks at Sprint. When I moved on to another > carrier, the new carrier arranged to repoint the number from Sprint to > their service. And I moved a couple of more times. Each time, the > new carrier repointed the number to go to them when I moved my > service. I never had to do it myself. > This carrier says I have to arrange for it to be pointed at them. But > once it is pointed at them, they will arrange for it to be sent to my > local phone number that they provide me. > Vonage offers toll-free numbers (I say 800 because both of my > toll-free numbers happen to be 800 numbers). But, they won't accept a > toll-free number that you already have. They will get you a new one, > but they won't transfer an existing toll-free number. I spoke to > several people at Vonage (including those who do the number > portability stuff) and they all said the same thing. They did say > that if you wanted to use another carrier and point it at your Vonage > number that you were free to do so. So, when you dial my personal 800 > number, it currently gets routed to Power Net Global who routes it to > my Vonage number. Double whammy.

Unless I'm missing something obvious, there is only one whammy -- On Vonage, inbound calls to a non-tollfree number are free calls. The only thing you're paying for is to have your 800 number routed to Vonage.

I'm among those with a personal tollfree number (It happens to match my cellphone, but 888 instead of 403) -- I just pay my 5.9c/minute to my tollfree provider to terminate the calls, no other fees involved.

Even if Vonage would let you transfer tollfree numbers, I wouldn't do it, Vonage's monthly fee for the included minutes is more then I'm spending now.

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