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Date: Mon, 20 Oct 2008 18:34:20 -0700 (PDT)

>From: "" >To: >Subject: Porting number from Verizon to Vonage *nightmare* [Telecom] > >Man, did I get the serious runaround today. > >Vonage says they can't port my number from Verizon if I have Verizon >DSL on the line. (which I do) > >Verizon says that they can make my DSL standalone, but that would >deactivate my landline and Vonage cannot port a number from a >deactivated line. > >So, in essense, Vonage cannot port my number from Verizon!? > >When I ask either company for the solution, they both tell me to talk >to the other company. This is clearly a catch-22 and its very frustrating. >Aside from getting upset, is there anything I can do?

This doesn't sound right. But if it is, then I suppose you could order a second land line from Verizon and ask them to put your existing number on the new line and to assign you a new number for the line carrying your DSL. Then port your existing number from the new line to Vonage which will have the effect of cancelling the new line. Then have Verizon cancel the other number and make your DSL stand-alone.

(This will probably cost you some installation fees but they will be less than the cost of the psychiatric care that you'll need if you continue to try to make sense of Verizon and Vonage's policies.)

Alternatively, you could cancel your DSL service so that Vonage can order the porting of your number, then re-activate your DSL as stand-alone service after the dust settles. This might leave you without DSL for a day or two, of course.

Or, ask Verizon to set up "ring-mate" selective ring on your existing line and give you a new number as the primary ringing number and make your existing number the second ring. Then have Vonage port the second ring number and, once that is complete, have Verizon terminate your wireline voice service and convert the line to stand-alone DSL.

None of these suggestions is particularly elegant -- but I doubt that you can do anything to change the policies and procedures of Verizon (entrenched bureaucracy) or Vonage (administrative incompetence.)

Good luck.

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Will Roberts
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Depending on what state you are in, you should be able to get a stand alone DSL from them, just have them un bundle it.

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Steven Lichter

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The most effective way of dealing with an LNP from Verizon to another carrier is to invoke the PUC or similar agency in your state. They tend to motivate Verizon.

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