Last Laugh! Another Spammer With an 800 Number

Well, it looks like this lot is so eager for us to call they've provided an 800 number and 888 number. Tried them while I was out, forgot my mobile, so I had to call from a payphone. 800 didn't work but the 888 did, and it's definitely them. The message claims you can make $1000/day, maybe that's how they afford the toll free number?

Anyway, I couldn't make out the girls name at the beginning of the message so I had to keep calling back, and after about 6-8 calls from the same pay phone it gave a fast busy (some type of toll throttling/control?). Maybe you can post it to your list and someone who lives in big city with a lot of phones on each street corner can get in enough calls to figure out what the beginning of the voice mail announcement says!

Anyway, if you feel like re-posting this to the digest go ahead, but please remove my name from it.


---------- Forwarded message ---------- Date: Wed, 01 Jun 2005 03:38:39 -0200 From: Kenneth Subject: Offer Expires: June 10th-2005

Information on increasing your cash flow; This email is only intended for (net readers who see it).

If you are interested in earning income by working out of you home then please contact us. Our program will allow you to earn as little or as much income as u desire. This is not a gimmick, and selling is NOT required.

Give us a call and leave us a message. We will respond within 1 hour of your call.


Kenneth Mcclendon Back On Top Corp. Phone: 1-800-513-3859

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