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I currently have Vonage and am less and less impressed with their service. As a result, I'm debating jumping ship.

I no longer need the outbound long distance at all, my local telco no longer charges LD fees. However, the one thing that has kept me with Vonage throughout the last few years is my virtual numbers.

First off, does anyone know if Vonage's numbers can be ported? I have a couple in Canada and a couple in the US, all of which I'd like to keep. My understanding is that although Vonage's ToS doesn't permit you to transfer numbers away, that's not actually enforceable.

Either way, it's been a while since I've done any VoIP research and the market has changed. What are my options? All I really need is a few virtual numbers that either terminate on an ATA, or to a PSTN landline in Canada.

403 Calgary 204 Winnipeg 817 Arlington/Grapevine

Anyone have any pointers or shall I just hit Google and start wandering?

All that being said, I could just keep my Vonage service and call forward it to my PSTN line, and unplug the ATA -- This is a functional, if less then elegant solution. However, I'd like to get the cost down.

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Dave Warren
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