Q.: Any recent T-Mobile GPRS changes? [telecom]

Adapted from an inquiry I posted to alt.cellular.t-mobile:

Long story, sorry, but has anyone any inkling of what may be going on here, or what GPRS-ish stuff T-Mobile may have changed yesterday (or day before)?

A little over a year ago I thought to swap out my old T-Mobile-supplied Nokia 6610 GSM/GPRS/WAP handset against one of the slightly more modern GSM handsets I'd found in my schools's cellphone recycling tubs.

These were two Cingular-branded items, an EDGE-capable Motorola SLVR (aka L2), and a 3G-capable LG CU-400. Today's at&t kindly provided the requisite SIM-subsidy-unlock codes for each of them, even talked me through the actual unlocking, and I wound up deciding the Moto SLVR was more to my taste for every-day use as phone and WAP browser, though I keep the LG for use with a Polish SIM whenever visiting there, and keep the Nokia for the sake of all the contacts I can't easily copy out of it.

For years I've taken advantage of the WML-based UI my email service makes available, for early checking (before my computer is fired up) whether I have any new email of urgent character. WAP's been free as part of my grandfathered "t-zones talk 'n' text" plan, and has worked about as flawlessly as anything cellular ever does ...

... until *yesterday*, when the SLVR reported, no matter what t-zones web session I was attempting, the following connection error:

502: Page not found .

OK. The drill here is a phone power-off, remove battery, wait 60 seconds for confused, erratic electrons to come to quiet rest, restore battery, power on again, wait for the phone's OS to come up to speed, and re-try.

Same error. Not just with my netaddress email WAP URL, but everything, even with t-zones Home, and that wonderful little diagnostic site, wap.gemal.dk.

OK. Try clearing cache. Dumping cookies. Power-cycling again. All no go.

Tried the SIM in the other handsets, with truly puzzling results: in the old Nokia 6610, every attempt at WAP browsing anywhere -- to t-zones or to a bookmarked site -- gave me the Nokia error: "No Gateway Reply"; but in the unlocked LG CU-400 WAP browsing takes place as if there were nothing wrong whatsoever -- only puzzling thing is that the diagnostic GEMAL site, which used to report seeing a Nokia gateway active between my handset and the wide internet, now reported it couldn't detect what gateway if any was in use -- almost as if T-Mo had dispensed with using any gateway, which would neatly explain the Nokia 6610's error message of "No Gateway Reply".

Meanwhile, a T-Mobile-branded Motorola RAZR (aka V3), that my spouse uses on a second T-Mo line, has experienced *none* of the misbehavior described above, reaching the same netaddress WML email URL as easily today as ever.

[PS: equally puzzling is the current behavior of the Opera installs present on each of these three handsets. Previously, all three instances worked about as well as the miserly little J2ME environments provided could allow. [But now, the Opera in the Nokia 6610 simply cannot connect, and brings up its little Connection Wizard, which tries for a time, and then gives up. [The Opera in the Moto SLVR L2, on the other hand, connects like a champ. [And so does the Opera in the LG CU-400. Alas, my netaddress mail service's WML-based interface is buggy in that it won't respond to my commands as transmitted through Opera's proxy servers ... and the HTML-based interface is far too rich, graphically (using Frames, and Javascript, etc.), for a poor little handset display to cope with even when the Opera proxy server's do "get it right" (which, in fact, they don't always :-{ ). [Take that as a FWIW, should anyone want to suggest Opera as work-around: as you see, it won't quite do :-) .]

So: anyone got any inkling of what may be going on here?

TIA; with quizzical cheers, -- tlvp

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