T-Mobile 4G commercials [telecom]

T-Mobile is advertising 4G. Are they reselling Sprint and Clear, or did they actually erect a network of their own?

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Adam H. Kerman
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I don't think it is Sprints or Clearwire as those are CDMA and T-Mobile is GSM, maybe an LTE network.

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I called T-Mobile. They claim 4G is deployed in the 75 largest markets right now and that it's their own towers.

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Adam H. Kerman

AT&T still hasn't deployed 3G outside the major metro areas. I often go the High Sierras and the resort area of Sedona, Arizona, both of which are still "E."

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Sam Spade

T-mobile's network is HSPA+. Not WiMAX nor LTE. For 4G you'll want to head to

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Cecile at CLEAR :)

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