Verizon vs. T-Mobile [telecom]

T-Mobile vs Verizon: You'll get better value from T-Mobile, but Verizon's network generally has better coverage.

By Antonio Villas-Boas - Jun 28, 2022

  • T-Mobile has faster 5G and more "premium" data than Verizon for a lower monthly cost.

  • However, Verizon tends to have better coverage, especially in rural areas.

  • You'll need a 5G phone to make the most of any of these plans.

T-Mobile and Verizon are often compared when picking a mobile carrier, as T-Mobile is more affordable than Verizon, and you might be wondering why.

Despite this price disparity, T-Mobile gives you more unthrottled, "premium" data in the basic and mid-range plans compared to Verizon's comparable plans. Plus, T-Mobile has better international and travel perks than Verizon.

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