T-Mobile squeaks past Verizon [telecom]

by Brian Barrett

FOR YEARS, T-MOBILE has been known mostly for its relative affordability, and a CEO who's not afraid to wear leather. A new report on the state of US mobile carriers, though, shows its recent investments in infrastructure are finally paying off. Verizon and AT&T officially have some real competition.

The report, from OpenSignal, drew on data from millions of smartphones to gauge the speed of US carrier networks and how big an area they cover. T-Mobile has long excelled when it comes to speed; at over

12Mbps, its 4G speeds are on par with or, as of December, ahead of Verizon. (AT&T hovers just above 8Mbps, while Sprint's 6.38Mbps may sometimes feel closer to 3G. Zzzzzzzzz.)

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