Q.: T-Mobile handset-based Account Access shenanigans [telecom]

I've asked this on alt.cellular.t-mobile, but allow me to tap the T-Mobile expertise here as well, please.

Back on Dec. 29 my Nokia 6610 handset spit out the "File format unknown" error when trying to access t-zones. The tech CC rep who wrote up a ticket on that issue never did get back to me with any status, as he'd promised.

But this evening about 90 minutes ago t-zones was working again, seemingly, offering access to, among other things, My Account, and from there also Bill Summary, Current Activity, Plan and Services, etc.

Trouble is, the My Account data is for someone else's T-Mobile account, not mine! What's more, it changes from one access to the next. First, it showed

1181 minutes remaining, with New Minute Start of 01-11-11; the next time it showed 1013 minutes remaining, with New Minute Start of 01-20-11. The Plan and Services descriptions also had nothing to do either with each other or with my actual T-Mo plan.

A call to T-Mo CC to resolve *that* question resulted in an agent finally coming on line after I'd been on hold for 58.5 minutes; after getting "the picture," said agent in turn put me on hold while consulting someone/something and, 10 minutes later, my music on hold went dead -- no, the PBX hadn't quite dropped the connection to a fresh dial tone -- and 10 minutes after that I gave up on the possibility that my call was still in a live T-Mo queue and just hung up.

Known T-Mo New Year's issue? other? advice?

TIA; and cheers, -- tlvp

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If it were me, I'd be contacting a local investigative reporter at either a major TV station or Newspaper. Show them what your phone is doing and then turn them loose on T-MO's total lack of customer account confidentiality. I'm sure your problem will soon be a thing of the past.

The lawyers and publicity departments really hate for negative things like this to go "public" and will do just about anything to "fix" them, especially if federal charges might turn up due to their seemingly total lack of control over which customer accounts you are given access to with out the permission of the account holder.

Don't wait too long in case they actually do fix this and get around to hiding the evidence...

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Seems like a case of the T-Mo web engineers having forgotten how a Nokia 6610 responds to whatever queries they're sniffing handsets with for user ID data.

For after swapping my SIM out of that old Nokia into a newer LG cu400 (liberated from the clutches of Cingular through an at&t/ws-provided SIM-unlock code, and with freshly added NAP wap.voicestream.com set as new default), the My Account page(s) correctly ID-ed my account and gave info only about it, and no other(s).

Cheers, -- tlvp

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