Providers for sequential or rollover ringing of specified lines from one number [telecom]

I'm looking for a telephony provider which will ring number A on an incoming call, and if number A does not answer within x seconds, ring number B, then number C if B does not answer within x seconds. Don't want to install hardware on our premises, and a flat monthly rate is preferred for the service without having to worry about running over the specified number of minutes (as bills in tiers, and my agency prefers a flat rate).

Your kind assistance would be appreciated.

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John Bartley K7AAY
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That sounds a little like Google Phone.

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Vonage has "simul ring."

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Sam Spade

Sounds more like Google Voice, except all phones ring at the same time and it is free. No guarantee you can sign up, you need to request an "invite".

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*STANDARD* telco feature for business lines, offered by practically _everybody_, ILEC and CLEC. Called "Call Forward No Answer". Usually part of the standard business line -- i.e. no extra charge for it.

have line A forward on no anwer to B, and B forward on no answer to C.

'when' it happens is not in seconds, but after a specified number of rings.

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Robert Bonomi

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"Call Forwarding Don't Answer" is the product provided by many telcos for thia purpose. Don't know if you could cascade it past Line B. Wes Leatherock

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