How to find a provider for a sequential ring number?

I need to acquire a sequential ring service, so that when phone number 'X' is called: A) External phone number A rings. If A does not answer, B) External phone number B rings. If B does not answer, C) External phone number C rings. If C does not answer, D) External phone number B rings. If D does not answer, E) External phone number E rings.

For reasons too byzantine to mention here, our current provider (with whom we are stuck) will not bestir themselves to provide it, so I'm looking to outsource this one function. Fortunately, we don't need to attach this to an internal number; an external number 'X' would work well.

Who have you worked with satisfactorily that could provide such service?

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John Bartley K7AAY
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Did you look at Vonage? "SimulRing" can be used to ring up to five numbers at once. They can be any number.

"Ring Lists" can implement a hunt group, as you've described. However, I think all numbers in a hunt group have to be on Vonage.

If you port numbers to Vonage, know that you can't ever port them out of Vonage.


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My definition of hunt group would lean more towards if line is 'busy' try the next, not if there's no answer.

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Rod Dorman

Check out

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They offer something like what you describe.

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