Conference Calling providers [telecom]

I'm seeking providers of conference calling services.


A) Managed groups of 10-75 people. Management means web page showing directory numbers of callers & way to have nametags on number. Page would show who was talking, etc.

B) Web page control should have mute controls; callers are normally muted but can signal ("raise hand") to request chance to speak.

C) NOT "800" service; just a US 10D number. If 800 is also available, that's OK but not required. There is no reason to pay for 800 inbound from phones with unmetered LD.


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David Lesher
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So I have found several providers using the ThinkEngine Networks Live Conferences Viewer.

In my opinion; someone there needs a Click&Clack dope-slap.

LCV lets you build an address book, linking the incoming directory number to name/address/email...whatever you fill in. With such you could spot a) unknown callers al-la the FBI, Scotland Yard, & Anonymous b) the Joe [who] has NOT dialed in Yet Again.

BUT it appears to ERASE that address book when the conference ends. Jeeze.

What's needed is a way to build a call list: name; number locally & upload same to the vender pre-conference. Hardly rocket science.

The kicker: the provider I spoke to told me he's been asking for that, to no avail.

So I'm still hunting...

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