Getting Run-Around on Porting my Number From AT&T to Vonage

Early in March I signed up with Vonage and asked them the transfer my number from AT&T, my local service provider. I signed a LOA and waited. When nothing had happened after 3 weeks I emailed Vonage. They now tell my that AT&T is apparently trying to resell my number and therefore the transfer is not going through. I called AT&T and was told that AT&T is not reselling my number and that there they can't see a problem with the transfer. I email Vonage with that information and receive an email that now that all the obstacles are removed they will proceed with the transfer request. So I wait again. Finally about 10 days later I email Vonage to ask them what is holding up the transfer. They reply that they are waiting for AT&T to set an FOC date. I turned around and ask AT&T what is holding them up setting the FOC (firm order confirmation) date. So I get the reply today that AT&T does not give an FOC but that "due to systems limitations" Vonage will not be able to port my local service directly from AT&T and that I will need to switch my local service to Verizon and then port to Vonage from that provider.

I am exasperated. Is there any truth to this? Why can't AT&T port the number directly to Vonage? and if not, somebody at Vonage should have known about this from the start since I would certainly not be the first person to go through this process. Instead I am now paying for 2 concurrent services (AT&T and Vonage) and have to add on another 3rd service (Verizon) while spending more time waiting for the transfer. Is somebody making money of this? Is it kind of scam?

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