Finally Cutting the POTS Cord

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Above link is a picture of the inside of my outside telecom box here in the USA. I want to route my Vonage VoIP service to my internal phone network, so first I am going to disconnect the internal network from the POTS provider as a test. I am guessing that I just flip those little connectors up and then pull out the solid blue and blue-white wires, being careful to keep them arranged for easy reconnection.

Is there anything else I need to worry about? Also, is having four wires standard for a single line? Maybe that is how I can do three way calling and call waiting, but I never thought about it before.

[TELECOM Digest Editor's Note: The two features you asked about; call waiting and three-way calling are _central office features_ and have nothing to do with your internal wiring. All you really need for a single central office line is two wires, typically red/green or perhaps in newer configurations solid blue and blue/white. The absolutely most important thing to remember is avoid having the central office lines (whatever color they are) come in contact with the VoIP lines. Having them come in contact will almost surely cause the VoIP box to fry out. As long as the _live_ telco wires do not come in contact with the VoIP line or your house wiring then wherever your telco line reached before, your VoIP line should reach now. PAT]
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