Re: A Silly Question - 2-Line Phone With One Phone Number?

I do have call waiting. Are you saying that if I have call waiting then I

> have two lines, therefore if I got a 2-line phone I would be able to use > both lines at the same time? Still confused ...

No, if you have call waiting and one line, you still only have one line.

You can't use the second line of a two-line phone unless you have a second line to hook it to. But you can still use the two-line phone. It's just that line two will be dead.

[TELECOM Digest Editor's Note: Which gets us back around to where we were before on what to do with that second pair, whatever color it turns out to be. Your non-telco choices are a _properly wired_ VOIP arrangement, a cell phone using a cell-socket arrangement (again, if properly wired), and god forbid, even a pair brought up from your local teleco central office if that's the way you wish to go. PAT]
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