VOIP to RBOC (POTS) automatic telephone switch

Here is an excerpt of an amazing device that solves a long standing problem with VOIP. you get a great long distance rate but no local telephone presence... so you add a local phone and now you have a dis-joined system. what to do?

Use combine-a-line to automatically switch and join your voip and your RBOC (Pots) your favorite Telco gear..


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COMBINE-A-LINE .. Imagine..1=2

Ever wish you could use your favorite telephone, answering machine, caller ID or PC Modem on TWO phone lines?.. Automatically?

Combine-A-Line allows two separate calls from two different lines to be directed to your telephone equipment or PC. Centralizing and PROTECT (SURGE PROTECTION INSIDE) your communications for your home office or for the family.

Combine-A-Line supports all services from your telephone company including Caller ID. It also has two line surge protectors to make sure that you are protecting your telephone devices. Use combine-aline to automatically switch between VOIP and pots (rboc) plain local line, hands free!. It also displays if anybody picks -up the line after you are in a call!

Easy to use, no batteries or power supply, and no programming needed! Automate and organize your telecommunications equipment and desktop wires with Combine-A-Line.



Dr. Marco

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Marc H.Popek
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I don't get what problem exactly this product is supposed to solve. For about the same price as a local line I can get a VoicePulse, Lingo or Packet8 line, get "all the benefits of VOIP" and still have a "local telephone presence" without having to buy whatever this contraption is.

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Isaiah Beard

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