Using Existing Home Telephone Wiring

I have POTS wired through the house. Is it simple to get my VoIP service to use this wiring? The optimist in me says all I have to do is turn off POTS, run a wire from the telephone jack on the VoIP router, and plug it into a telephone wall jack. The realist in me says this would be way too simple. Any thoughts?

[TELECOM Digest Editor's Note: You are on the right path, Brian. Just make _absolutely_ positive that the POTS line is removed _at the demarc_ where it cannot get in the way. Dialtone from the POTS line colliding with dialtone from VOIP means disaster for your VOIP adapter which will probably fry out. It probably won't hurt the telco central office switch -- although 'they' may have to go reset a fuse sometimes -- but it can mean death to the VOIP adapter if voltage from the one comes in contact with the other. And don't just remove a couple wires on a local box somewhere unless you know your house wiring _very well_; go outside to the demarc or wherever it is and pull the wires from central out of the way there. PAT]
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