Re: Finally Cutting the POTS Cord

Sorry for the top post, but I just want to thank both of you for your

> very helpful response. I will report back my results when my POTS ends > Oct 22. BTW, this is a single family home, and my neighbor's home has > the standard RJ-11 plugs whereas mine has this funky setup. > John McHarry wrote: >> >>>
formatting link
>>> Above link is a picture of the inside of my outside telecom box here >>> in the USA. I want to route my Vonage VoIP service to my internal >>> phone network, so first I am going to disconnect the internal network

No, I will not accept an apology. You should well know that it's

*never* necessary to requote an entire original article especially a long one. You quote a few lines to jog your reader's memory. You do *not* barf back an entire original article at your audience. Whoever taught you that bad behavior didn't know much about on line communication. Whether top post or bottom post over quotation is never good under any circumstance.
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