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Well learned something interesting today . the sprinkler system where I had the major mess and fire signal did not go off but burglar alarm picked up the ceiling tile being blown out from the water pressure was caused because a non supervised hand valve was in line to the pressure switch a valve that never should have been there and should have been picked up by sprinkler tech and or building inspector and eliminated or tampered. It is now tampered. Just goes to show how valuable all this ICC,NFPA etc certification classes for inspectors and installers is. Wonder how many other dry systems in this community have these non supervised valves. I keep saying there needs to be a paddle type flow switch in the water end of the dry system to pick up water flow the pressure switches are unreliable. There also needs to be automatic drain systems on the drum drips as well. They have them for compressors.

Its the same old story up north here every winter its not when the dry system is going to fail and dump its when.

How many dry systems do not even have a low pressure supervisory switch as well and how many sprinkler systems have now simple $15 low temp warning stats.

And for all these sprinkler wienies insisting how great residential sprinklers are and they will not freeze and cause problems etc. there just dreaming. If where seeing it with commercial we will see it with residential . I already have 2 high end homes who put the sprinklers in voluntary and have shut them off after first freeze up and insurance payment increase

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All the reason why I no longer do fire. What really did it for me is the state of Florida was now requiring me to be Nicet this and that Certified, even though I no longer do fire installations. I only did inspections. So now, since I no longer can do inspections, many companies now charge $1000+ to inspect a tiny daycare where I use to charge them $150. Organized extortion at its finest...

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I've never touched a resi sprinkler, but it would appear to me that they are 100% easier to work on (PVC & replaceable sensors).

Try doing a sprinkler inspection in a girl's dorm.... Yeah, that takes time! :=)

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You can be L2 quite easier, you know the material, take the tests!

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