Amazing housing starts up last 2 months to go dead stop

Amazing housing starts are up last 2 months of year when winter is here crews are putting in footers in snow in my area . Everyone says the economy is picking up when in realty everyone is trying to beat new sprinkler code. So what will housing do next month hit the skids. and it is not just the sprinkler issue it is all the new electrical code requirements such as no more standard breakers every breaker now must be ground fault or arc fault at $45 a piece and all outlets tamper/child proof at $1.50 each, plus new energy codes which require thermal /vacuum tests etc to prove the insulation is working properly. The extra $8000.00 to $10,000 builders are saying it is going to cost to build a new home is realistic. I really feel sorry for you guys who sell new residential.

To make matters worse true cost of sprinklers are not being revealed either.

In Allegheny county where I live only registered master plumbers will be allowed to install $$$$

What about the back flow valve and $150.00 annual test $$$$

What if you need a separate tap in or you need a pressure tank $$$$

Insurance will increase due to potential water damage and black mold unless your state has passed a statute to prevent it $$$$$$$ think freezing temps.

I was just at a customers restaurant who had a pipe freeze up and cause $250,000in damage

Plus the fact sprinklers will not prevent every fire death. they will not catch the person smoking in bed theirs a good chance they will die before sprinklers activate.

I am not saying lets not install sprinklers but lets not put on rosy glasses and say this is the savior and answer to all fires and not reveal the truth as to problems and costs with keeping a maintained system. Once again the Fire Service is going to get a black eye just look at the Ionization / photo smoke issue.

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All due to the hype propegated by the "Safety Zealots"

" If it saves the life of OOOOOOOOONE person ..... then it's worth it"

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RHC: Yeah...right....that's also what the gun control extremist always say to justify their loony proposals. If you follow that logic, you'd end up banning just about everything dangerous in society, including automobiles and booze. I wonder how that would fly.....:))

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got to the bottom of why pressure valve on dry system did not operate there is a small hand operated valve in line to the switch which sprinkler tech apparently did not open back up after he was testing and tag open

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Oh ya thats the best one once I start mentioning costs etc on the fire fighter groups it im a mouth piece for builders but not one of the fire wienies i have asked the questions to have come back with solid answers. all there going on is hype not field observation like id do. Like I told them when the back lash comes remember who told you so.

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