Texecom Veritas R8 early instruction manual

Does anyone have the earlier installation manuals for a Texecom Veritas R8 system that was fitted in 1996 (when the house was built)? The details of the alarm within the control panel are as follows; Printed on the PCB: TEXECOM 1995 PC009-4 Label on the chip: DF0029113 5/96 Can it therefore be deduced from these that this version of the panel was designed in 1995 and manufactured in May 1996?

I have obtained two PDF copies of instruction manuals. There are references on the back page of these instructions which are as follows: INS034-10 (dated for about 2000) INS034-12 (dated for about 2005) These are for versions of much later models and the circuit boards differ considerably. It appears some programming details also differ too.

I require to change the engineers code and without it will have to perform a reset and then it appears I will have to reprogram the system after this. I don't have the engineers code as the company who installed the system and maintained it, before I purchased the house, won't release this to me. To me its like holding me up to ransom to pay them to service the system especially as they seem to be wanting a call out fee of £150 just to visit with more undisclosed charges after they get here. And that will be before they carry out a service which they say has to be booked two months in advance and will incur another fee with additional call out fees if anything found to be wrong in those two months. Seems like they're trying to make me pay for a couple of years they missed out on a service contract.

I was also told by this company that they'd want £80 just to change the battery when they're around £20 to buy over the counter and 5 mins to fit. It was due to it having to be replaced within five years and I agree with this totally. The problem is that I changed the battery myself, after finding a workaround to silence the anti-tamper on the panel. But found that it had been serviced by this company seven years after it was fitted (the dates on the battery and a scruffy scrap of paper with servicing details) despite low voltage and ah readings noted. So the battery would not be out of date had it been changed correctly by them. recently closely watched an Engineer from the company do a service on a friends house and all he did was a walk test and only visibly looked at the battery (no test instrument used)! It hasn't inspired me with confidence over them.

When I pressed the company on why they wouldn't issue me with the engineers number I was told that I'd then have access to all the alarms they serviced. One of the very reasons I want the number to be changed as well. Good security - not! Yes, I know you still need the user code but its still not good.

Any assistance in obtaining an installation manual for my version of the alarm system will be greatly appreciated.


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