Texecom Veritas, Eng / Hold-Off + Gardtec Eurosec CP8L w/LCD RKP

I want to relocate a Texecom Veritas R8 alarm panel.

Option-1 o Relocate the panel o Buy Texecom RKP (£25) o Beg Texecom for installation manuals as I lost mine o Hope I did not change the Engineering Code :-)

Option-2 o Buy Gardtec Eurosec CP8L 8 Zone w/ LCD RKP (£45) o Re-use existing Texecom Odyssey sounder

To be honest I think the Gardtec is better value: o £20 more for new panel & RKP - versus 5-7yr old existing o RKP has English LCD display - helps others to use it

Q: Can the Gardtec take a Texecom Oddyssey Sounder? Q: Can the Gardtec take a 7Ah battery? Q: Can the Gardtec take ?EI? 12V smoke/heat & Visonic Ceiling PIR?

I like the Texecom sounder, although need engineering mode to enable Hold-Off as I recall. I think the code is 9999 but can't recall Hold-Off.


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Dorothy Bradbury
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Hi.DB In answer to your questions The R8 has a remote keypad (hence R) Texecom are very helpfull ring them or go online and they will provide any manuals. Default eng is 1234

2:- Try the new CPX range (same costing & a lot neater) Yes the Odyssey range are supported. The Earlier CPX range is a 4ah max whilst the CPX & newer CPL take the slimline 2ah. For a 7ah you will need the 800 series.or a seperate cpu. All above can be configured to use fire detection and work with Visonic detectors.

?EI? not sure what you mean (its late)

As you say if you need a new RKP the extra cost is worth it for the advantages of the new panel . I have found both to be reliable and easy to program . Whist the CPL series are limited in size (similar to the Optima compact) they make up for it in flexibility. Its one of my favourite small end panels and can be supplied with built in dialer/comunicator,Prox, radio and network on the CPX.

If you need any further help let me know or try the relevant web sites. TEXE.COM RISCOGROUP.CO.UK


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Brilliant. Many thanks.



"EI" 12V Smoke Alarm & "EI" 12V Heat Detector - standard units. They are backup to interlinked mains alarms just as a failsafe.

Noted - and yes the CPX has a strong feature set.

Many thanks for all your help, much appreciated :-)

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Dorothy Bradbury

On Tue, 6 Feb 2007 23:11:05 -0000, "cj" mused:

The CPX is a CP8 with speech dialler (VoComm) built in. It costs about

40-50 quid+VAT more than a CP8.


The CP8 and CPX will both take a 7Ah battery, but leaves little room for wiring so a 2.1 or 3Ah is more commonly used.

If they are standard EI detectors with relay bases then the answer is yes.

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