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How do you figure paid work time for techs who have a company vehicle at home and drive directly to a jobsite? Do most of you pay them for any travel time (or have a portion of unpaid)? Our company charges port-to-port and pays our techs for all travel time (whether or not they come into the office first). We're working with another company - techs leave from their homes and are only paid if the jobsite is more than 65 miles away. We were both surprised at the other so are wondering what is more common.

Also we pay a weekly stipend for the on-call tech ($100/wk plus 30 min for any phone call, and OT once they're over 40 hours); the other company does not pay a stipend, but pays double time if techs are sent on a call.

Thought it would be interesting to compare.... thanks!

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Most our techs live within an hour drive from the shop, all drive the vehicles home at the end of the day. We pay reduced (about 40% less than regular) rates for driving time in the company vehicles that start after the first hour of driving each way. I don't know if that takes you 65 miles away but 35-40 to be sure. With population as dense as it is around here a 40 miles radius circle covers a lot of market but as it happens, at least 50% of the business takes our guys farther than that. Basically, you want to stay as close to home base as possible and minimize driving on corporate vehicles as much as possible, and in our case we though that driving them back home makes sense and trying to stay within the 40 mile radius also makes sense.



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