Starting a new career next friday! (2023 Update)

I will be starting a new career next Friday! for those that think I wont come back here,don't worry its still related to the alarm business!

In fact I will be the new Union representative for the alarm section of the Union I was part of....

the one that had the job before is taking his retirement,so they were looking for someone,and they offered me the job..

I will be very busy ion the next few month...I will be in training,and I will have to help a bit at the office..

Damn! no more wire more boss asking if I could do some more salesman asking if the keypad of an old DSC could fit with the new DMP he want to sell...and the biggest thing I wont more technician calling to ask how to program the chime function with a napco err DSC,oups no its a paradox!...gee!all those keypad look a like!....Grinnn

I will miss a few thing, like the contact with the customer...but I will have more contact with some "other" type of "customer"... ;-)

I will be attending the ISC show every year,that's part of the job ;-)

Got a new car for the new job,A Pontiac Torrent,2008, black with some metal flakes in the paint...3.4 litre engine...17 inch wheel with mags..I wont regret the Grand Caravan I used to drive...

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I don't know much about union work but it sounds as if it's a promotion of sorts.

Good luck.

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Great, Pete! Good luck with the new career. It's liable to come with a nice medical plan too... :-)

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